Gábor Szanyi justified all that - starting from 1993 - at that time as an entrepreneur, what to do with the founding of La Garde continued Studios in 2000. Within the La Garde Studio – meanwhile 20 years – are united : a contact system within the printing industry, which provides first-class, reliable, and high work expertice and the indispensable experience. Together with the Manuel Art Graphics Studio we are a team, which helps its customers in visual communication, planning the graphic-typographic packaging in the editing of writings / publications in the performing of mutation tasks. In addition to the independently planned projects, we can also prepare and perform only execution, etc. should be the talk of business cards, journals / publications, posters, folders, display roll up materials, boxes. We also have established contacts, existing for decades in the purchase of promotional gifts, we also like to help in this area with our wealth of ideas and in the realization.